Black Lives Matter Yard Signs

Worldwide there was an incident were police brutally occurred to a black man. Died without reasons and caused by violence. Black Lives Matter is committed to fighting for freedom and a world free of anti-blackness, not only in the United States but in the whole world. Every human race has the privilege to serve in

Reusable Facemask Can Help

Wearing facemask along with a face shield will add more protection from the virus. The pandemic is not as easy as we think to overcome. It needs fair coordination and safety measures to avoid the spread. But is the use of non-medical facemask like fabrics effectively protects you from the general public? The reusable facemask is

Touch Free No Contact Infrared Thermometers

“No-contact infrared technology allows the thermometer to be used without any physical contact. Digital LCD Infrared Forehead Thermometer is very easy to use. 1 second rapid measurement temperature, 2 temperature displays: ℃ and ℉ and suitable for all ages including infants, kids and adults.” Measuring a person’s temperature will be a lot easier especially when in public. Before,

Social Distancing Stickers For Your Business

Why Social Distancing Stickers? “Motivate people to practice good hygiene and keep their hands clean by posting wash your hands decal on designated areas. Made from white print vinyl, our slip resistant matte stickers can be stick onto smooth surfaces such as tiles, wood, and glass. Peel off the adhesive backing and put them on your desired

Blank Protective Acrylic Counter Barrier

“Make people cautious of maintaining social distance with 24 X 24 Inch Blank Protective Acrylic Counter Barrier during infectious disease outbreaks. As safeguards at the various points-of-purchase locations, they will prevent direct contact and transmission of disease. Due to the rise of infections in the current pandemic, it is important to place sneeze guard barriers